The Place Where You Stay

I feel lugubrious and I don’t know why.

Why my heart is continuing to die.

It keeps on aching, keep on tearing into pieces.

My tears are falling; I can’t turn it into ashes.

Even though he’s gone, still I can see his face.

I can hear his voice from a distant place.

I can see his smile, which caught my eyes.

And every time I see him, can’t help to feel so nice.

Remembering him is what I don’t want to do.

Hearing his name always makes me feel blue.

‘Cause even now I know that he can’t be mine,

Am still hoping for his love and wait for next time.

Because he’s always there, I am now happy.

Even though it could happen only in my fantasy,

I will feel contented and will feel Okay.

Coz always in my dreams, that’s the place you’ll stay.

RiMa :)


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