My Heart Speaks

I want to see him but not only in pictures.

Want to touch his hand not only in my dreams.

Be with him forever at my favourite place.

Talk to him some unending stories without being daze.

These are the things that appears only in my imagination.

Impossible to happen, and only an illusion.

A fantasy that only a princess can have,

Not a damsel like me that only holds a rag.

My bewildered mind can’t take it any longer.

Lucidity is ban to my brain and can’t enter.

Yeah, I am a little bit sluggish that they say,

But what can I do? All I know is to pray.

My heart speaks as if I am a deaf.

It shouts for something that no one can ever hear.

My heart says to me the word “enough”,

“Enough for hurting yourself, enough for loving too much”.

Rima :)

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