Faded Love

I’ve tried not to look back, try not to reminisce my past.

I’ve tried to look for someone new, and I found you at last.

Because of someone else, I’ve been a fool before.

But now I’ve changed, not anymore.

But it seemed so hard for me to do.

The fact that I’ll try, not to love you too,

Only because I’m just too afraid,

I might break my promises that I have made.

I promise to myself not to love again,

I’ll try to ease the pain and rest for a while then

But you came into my life and you made me see,

That I need to face the truth, that’s the reality.

Like the dust on the floor, the wind carrying.

Like the bubble in my bath that keeps on popping.

They’re just fading with the blink of an eye.

Just like my faded love … And I don’t know why

Rima :)


8 thoughts on “Faded Love

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