A Crazy Little Thing Called Love on Philippine TV

Crazy Little Thing Called Love movie is now trending the Philippine Television, and Mario Maurer, Baifern Pimchanok fans are now INCREASING in number. The Kapamilya, Channel 2 will be airing ACLTCL on June 5, Sunday starting 9:40 am and the rumor was saying that it will be aired in two parts. Teasers are now released in Philippine TV and for sure lots of people especially teenagers are now excited for the Thai Movie, Including ME! Honestly speaking, I am excited too for the Tagalog dub of the movie, but — some (including that “Annoying Blogger”) were saying that they don’t like the dubbing of the characters. I agree also , but we should be thankful that we can have the opportunity to watch that kind of movie even though it’s not belong too our country.

Here are the teasers of the movie in ABS-CBN.

2nd teaser

3rd teaser

Am sure lots of you including the one reading this are now excited for ACLTCL tagalog dub :)



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That Man by Hyun Bin

Waah! I knew it! Hyun Bin is  the one who sang the OST of Secret Garden. (That Man) Aahh.. I think I’m in love with him. HAHA. JK

You want live? Here ^^

Haha. I easily fall to someone who has a voice. You know.. If HE knows how to sing.

Habibi and her Dolls

Hey yah!  Habibi has a barbie collections. (But not all were originals of course.) So, They(My sister and Habibi) took a picture of Habibi’s doll. And here it is …

Habibi and Her seven (7) Barbies did well on their Pictorials. HAHA

It’s an ART

I feel a little bit random today. And because of that, I took some pictures this morning. But that doesn’t matter. What I wanted to share you is the drawings of my nephew and niece. Namely, Habibi and Franky. I was taking pictures a while ago when I saw some papers scattered in the room. I took the papers and looked at it. What I saw is definitely an ART for me. I remember too while seeing the papers when I am still  practicing how to draw well when I was young, so I took the papers and captured it with the camera.

Sophia(Habibi) and Franky is 7 years of age. They were cousins and now studying in 2nd grade. They love to draw, EVERYTIME. So, speaking of their drawings, Here it is…

It’s Kiko’s(Franky) Drawing. :) He’s trying to copy my drawing … below.

Not bad for a 7 year-old kid , eh? So, let’s move to the next picture.

It’s still Kiko’s drawing, and TADAAAH! Gues who? It’s Kratos from the “God of War”. He’s a fan, and totally addicted playing that game on his PSP. He’s definitely loves to draw SOLDIERS, Warriors or anything that holds a sword or a gun.

These two pictures were  made by Habibi(Sophia). She likes Princesses and Mermaids. She even draw castles and beautiful houses. She said that She is my NUMBER ONE FAN, that when she grow old, she says that she wants to be like me. Well, she doesn’t know how hard to be myself. How can she? She’s only a kid.

So, that is what I wanted to share. But wait, here are the things I captured a while ago. Just ignore them. I just wanted to post something here. ^^

My pentel pens. Ugh, They’re running out of inks.

Mabuhay Chips. We ate that right after Breakfast.

It’s me and habibi ^^

HAHA. This is Fransi(Ansi) Kiko’s younger brother. He’s really a cute kid. But he’s baaaadd.. JK. ^^


Nice! I am fond of making a “Moving Pictures” on PhotoScapes. I’ve seen some on Tumblr so I asked my friend Angelica how to create one. She said she’s using an application — and that is PhotoScape. So, after she told me about that, I rapidly searched on the net where to download PhotoScape and luckily, I easily found one. After that, I made a sample. I practiced more and now, I am now used to it. Here is some of I made a while ago. :)

It’s my niece. Her name is habibi. She’s cute right? ahaha Just like me. LOL jk :D

This one I like. :) “lOVE ME!” it says. But I wish HE could see it. :O

wanna download PhotoScape on your desktop? Here is the Site.

CLICK HERE: PhotoScape

Baifern Pimchanok <3

Haiiyy.. She’s so cute! :) Ahehe. i heart Baifern.

Since I know how to use, PhotoScapes, I am now in to it. HAHA

Secret Garden (EP. 11.2)

Oryt. :)) I really wanna watch the full movie. I’M EXCITED on what will happen next. But for now, I will watch the episode 11.2 of SeGa and wait till I reach the next more episodes, especially the LAST. Can’t wait to finish it! Many people who also a Die-hard fan of SeGa have finished watching the movie. I wanna finished watching it too! :P

*Sigh* The main characters were so NAKAKAKILIG when watching. :) I <3 SeGa!

I am Feeling Like This </3

You’ll blame a new love for things an old one DID.

Hyun Bin

Hyun shot to stardom in 2005 when he appeared in the hit drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon with Kim Sun-ah. It was a success with an average rating of over 37% and 50.5% for the finale. He won the Top Excellence award at the MBC Drama Awards. In 2008 he took the leading role in The World That They Live In where he played television PD Jung Ji-Oh, opposite Song Hye-Kyo who played televison PD Ju Jun-Young.

From November 2009 to March 2010 Hyun filmed with Tang Wei in Late Autumn (2010). It is a remake of a 1966 Korean film with the same name, directed by Kim Tae-Yong. Late Autumn was shot in Seattle, Washington. In 2010 he was cast in Secret Garden in which he starred as a young and arrogant department store owner who falls in love with a penniless stunt girl played by Ha Ji-won. He also took part in the soundtrack for the show with the song “That Man”, which swept the Korean music charts leading first place in 8 music charts. In February 2011 his film, Come Rain, Come Shine, was released which premiered In Competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

On March 7th, 2011, he enlisted with the marines training camp for his compulsory 21 months of military service; his discharge date has been set for December 6th, 2012.

Sources: Google

Waaah! I like him ahehe.