Unseen Visage

Unseen Visage


Take a look at me, is there something you notice?

Try to stare, would you really see it?

Give me a glance, and observe me for a second.

Then you’ll know, the message that I am trying to show.


I’m the only one who can see the mask I am wearing.

It’s been so many years that is you, I am waiting.

To uncover my face and release me from dark.

I’ll runaway with you and we’ll make a new start.


If only you could feel my love for you.

I won’t let myself hide the truth.

If only you know that you’re the one for me,

and realize that you and me are truly meant to be.


I’ll try not to conceal what I really feel.

I’d be happy and accept what is real.

That no matter how hard I try for you so many things,

My hidden visage, will always be unseen.


Rima :)


One thought on “Unseen Visage

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