Love of Siam

Weee..I just watched another Mario Maurer movie. It was kinda good also, but I didn’t understand the story. I honestly admit that! Hmm.. at first, the story was good. Yeah it’s good! But, I don’t like the ending. What’s with crying and saying thank you? The story is about the the two boys who part their ways when they were younger. It’s Tong(Mario) and Mew(Pchy). Again, the story was good, but I can’t take looking Mario and Pchy kissing! :DD ahaha… Lips-to-lips! take a look at this! :D

What can you say? :D but Pchy has a great voice!(The one wearing green stripes) Actually, he’s the lead singer of the “August Band”.

Like he’s voice. :D Guys! try watching Love of Siam! It’s about friendship :)
Speaking of friendship, try to watch another Mario Maurer movie! “FRIENDSHIP”.

It has a sad ending. :( But kinda confusing at the end. The girl died because of illness. But I don’t know if it has something to do with the last part at the park. Well, try to watch BOTH! :D


7 thoughts on “Love of Siam

  1. i think that Mituka was raped by the guys and probably got AIDS??? I am not sure about that but it is probably my best guess…

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