In Darkness

Here is another two. :) I am really BORED!! boredom is killing me! :/ That’s why I have plenty of time for drawing something that is on my mind. :)


About this one (above), Habibi, my niece, asked me again to draw this for her. :D And she liked it a alot! :)


love this one :) Same feeling … :D



Mother Nature

I drew this one a while ago. I don’t have anything to do that’s why I grab my pencil and start making some sketches.



this is my sketch, I don’t know at first if I’ll color it or not. But suddenly, I saw my color pencils and then I start filling the spaces with colors.



I have done many changes on the details :) and here is the finish product. :D


Am still not satisfied on the result. But it’s pretty good for me. :) I’ve been inspired by some of the DeviantARTist on DA. Their works are so totally AWESOME!!

Only In My Dreams

Only In My Dreams


I had a dream again, and he was there.

He held my hands and hugged me forever.

I am the only girl, he is longing for.

But sad to say, I’ll never had the same dream once more.


In my dreams, he said he love me too.

And he is willing to take away all of my blues.

He’d be there for me, forever and for always.

He promised to give me all of his sweet caress.


I’d say it’s a sweet dream, but it seems to be a nightmare for me,

’cause it made me realize that I cannot have him in reality.

If that’s the only place I could have him for free,

I don’t want to wake to wake up again and rather, I’ll remain asleep.


Rima :)

Unseen Visage

Unseen Visage


Take a look at me, is there something you notice?

Try to stare, would you really see it?

Give me a glance, and observe me for a second.

Then you’ll know, the message that I am trying to show.


I’m the only one who can see the mask I am wearing.

It’s been so many years that is you, I am waiting.

To uncover my face and release me from dark.

I’ll runaway with you and we’ll make a new start.


If only you could feel my love for you.

I won’t let myself hide the truth.

If only you know that you’re the one for me,

and realize that you and me are truly meant to be.


I’ll try not to conceal what I really feel.

I’d be happy and accept what is real.

That no matter how hard I try for you so many things,

My hidden visage, will always be unseen.


Rima :)



Can you see the colors of the sky,
the wide sea and the birds that flies?
Could you feel the cool breeze of the air,
that shows comfort and tender care?

The yellow-orange color scattered everywhere.
giving a gloaming effect just like a flare.
this scenario you’ll see before nightfall.
And these are the things that marks in people’s lore.

SUNSET signifies “Good Byes” to many.
it is a lonely part of the day, they see.
SUNSET brings tears to few,
But it gives the surroundings a beautiful hue.

When watching the sunset, people shouldn’t be sad.
Cause it means a NEW START. They should be glad.
That when the sun settled down and covered by the clouds,
There will be a new one that shines out bright.

Rima :)

Mario&&Ryo <3

]This two boys really drives me crazy! :D I love both of them! REALLY…

I miss watching one liter of tears … :/ I miss haruto (ryo)


Autumn was my favorite of all seasons.
I like it very much and there’s a reason.
The brown leaves were falling unto the land.
Beside the road I am walking at.

The trees were dry and has no leaves too.
It has no shade to give to you.
The ambiance are cold, too lonely to watch.
And that’s the reason why I love FALL so much.

Like the leaves falling from the tree.
Like the surroundings being sad and lonely.
I am feeling also the same,
falling for a person, feeling alone like them.

I wish he is like an Autumn too.
He’s the leaves and I am the land.
He’s gonna fall for me soon.
And I’m gonna catch him, and I’ll be glad.


Rima :)

Love of Siam

Weee..I just watched another Mario Maurer movie. It was kinda good also, but I didn’t understand the story. I honestly admit that! Hmm.. at first, the story was good. Yeah it’s good! But, I don’t like the ending. What’s with crying and saying thank you? The story is about the the two boys who part their ways when they were younger. It’s Tong(Mario) and Mew(Pchy). Again, the story was good, but I can’t take looking Mario and Pchy kissing! :DD ahaha… Lips-to-lips! take a look at this! :D

What can you say? :D but Pchy has a great voice!(The one wearing green stripes) Actually, he’s the lead singer of the “August Band”.

Like he’s voice. :D Guys! try watching Love of Siam! It’s about friendship :)
Speaking of friendship, try to watch another Mario Maurer movie! “FRIENDSHIP”.

It has a sad ending. :( But kinda confusing at the end. The girl died because of illness. But I don’t know if it has something to do with the last part at the park. Well, try to watch BOTH! :D

Kiss the Rain

Nothing beats this one. Favorite ever! I love it. Very relaxing. Though the melody sounds like lonely and sad, it still feels good to my eardrums! oyeah :D
Don’t know why I am feeling this way. :'(

What I feel…