100 Reasons Why…

I din’t know why I love you so much.

Though at times, I am asking myself why.

Why I love a friend like you,

and for forever, I’ll sacrifice everything for you.

I don’t have so many reasons to tell, how special you are to me.

But I am hoping, you’ll appreciate this 100 reasons for real.


I LOVE YOU .. Because

-of your sweet smile every time we talk.

-of your eyes that shines to me.

-of your pinkish lips.

-of your one-line eyebrows. :)

-of your hair that is glossy.

-of your little nose.

-of your tongue that speaks so many words.

-of your eyelash with mascara on it.

-of your beautiful perfect face.

-of your hands that holds mine.

-of your little tiny fingers.

-of your outfit!

-of your attitude and characteristics.

-of your thinking and some childish actions!

I LOVE YOU … because of WHO YOU ARE.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you make me laugh.

-you care for me a lot.

-you sing your favorite songs with me.

-you held my hands while walking.

-you kissed my fears away.

-you gave me a lot of courage.

-you hug me so tight.

-you said things I want to hear.

-you share your secrets with me.

-you TRUST me.

-you don’t care how I look like. I f I’m ugly or not.

-you don’t care how I eat too much.

I LOVE YOU… because you sees me in my bright side even though I’m in darkness.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you encourage me every time I feel despair.

-you always say that “Don’t lose hope. He’ll like you.” When I have a new crush.

-you advises me good things.

-you are not ashame when you’re with me.

-you let me borrow your things even though you haven’t use it YET.

-you always accompany me to the comfort room because I’m afraid if there were ghosts.

-you treat me some foods, and that is what I really, really love! :D

I LOVE YOU … because you are so good to me and I know that forever you’ll be.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you made me believe in myself.

-you accept my mistakes.

-you let me do whatever I want and sometimes, you end up being left behind.(And I’m SORRY)

-It’s OK for you to be the last person on my list.

-Every time I said things you don’t want, you just keep it in yourself and you pretend that you’re OK.

I LOVE YOU … for being so OPEN-MINDED and for always understand my attitude.



-for being always there in times of need.

-for keeping me smile because of your JOKES.

-for not judging me.

-for being so kind and patient.

-for waiting for me when I am late.

-for letting me know that you would always be there for me.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you LOVE ME.

-you don’t hate me.

-you let me love you. :)

-you show how important I am to you.

-you told me that you will love me for forever and never ever leave me.

-I can count on you and you can count on me too.

-I can express my feelings to you.

-I can laugh out loud when I am with you.

-You don’t care if I wear my ugliest outfits!

I LOVE YOU … because when we’re together, I can do things without hesitations.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-every time we walk by, I see love in your eyes…

I LOVE YOU because you never say GOODBYE to me.

I LOVE YOU because you always say “hi, hello, how are you?” and you are always concern to me.

I LOVE YOU because you always text me some sweet quotes.

I LOVE YOU FRIEND because you are the one who were there whenever I am BROKEN HEARTED.

I LOVE YOU because you made me realize that PAIN is just a word and you said that I am not worthy to feel it.

I LOVE YOU because you said that you will always be my guardian angel even though I’m in Hell. :)

I LOVE YOU because you don’t make me miss you so badly cause you always have time to communicate.

I LOVE YOU because you say that we will never part ways.

I LOVE YOU because you told me that we will grow up together and will reach our dreams!

I LOVE YOU because you inspire me so much that I did things I never knew I could.

I LOVE YOU because you respect my opinion though you know that I am wrong.

I LOVE YOU because you talk nonsense topic just to make me forget my problems.


I LOVE YOU because …

-nobody else can love me the way you love me as friend.

-you are so sweet and I like it!

-you’re like a sister to me that pampers me with love.

I LOVE YOU every time you are mad at me, and scold me sometimes but when I look into your eyes, I can see that you’re only doing that because you love me.

I LOVE YOU Friend because of your nice way of saying I love you to me.

I LOVE YOU because even though I always make you hope for the some thing that I promise but didn’t do, you are still willing to wait even if it’s impossible for me to do so.

I LOVE YOU because you are so loyal to me!

I LOVE YOU FRIEND because sometimes, I forgot to communicate, but it’s OK to you and you are not demanding.

I LOVE YOU for making me realize that NOTHING is BIGGER than GOD.

I LOVE YOU FRIEND for sacrificing the things you are longing to have just because I like it and want it.

I LOVE YOU Friend for forgiving me and accepting my apologies.

I LOVE YOU for giving me second chances.

I LOVE YOU being always a good example to me.

I LOVE YOU Friend for lowering yourself just for me to reach you! <3

I LOVE YOU for accompanying me in every road I take.

I LOVE YOU for doing the silliest thing in the world just to make me laugh!

I LOVE YOU for crying to me when you feel sad because you think that I am the only one who can make you happy again. :)

I LOVE YOU because you CHOOSE to be my friend over anybody else!

I LOVE YOU because you said that LOVE is destined to be shared by YOU and ME.

I LOVE YOU because you hate the people who BACK FIGHT at me and you protect me from harm.

I LOVE YOU in every way …

I LOVE YOU for being YOU …






… because that is ALL I KNOW…






… because that is all I WANT to SAY. <3






6 thoughts on “100 Reasons Why…

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