One Friend

I always thought about having no one on my side. That when there’s a trouble, I need to face it on my own. When there’s a happiness I feel, I would smile alone. That whenever I feel blue, I will confront it by myself. That whenever I cry, I will cry on my shoulder instead of crying on the other’s. But it’s hard. I think that having no one by your side is much like a suicidal case that you have ever done in your life! We all need friend that we will rely on in times of despair. A friend that we can count on and lean on every time we are in the doldrums.

There’s a song I heard a while ago about friendship. It’s title is “One Friend” by Dan Seals. I love it’s lyrics. It’s a heart-whelming message for a friend.

“If I had only one friend left… I’d want it to be YOU…”

I just share it to you guys!! I hope you like it! I know some of you might know this song already but I just want you to listen to this AGAIN. :D It’s nice to have a friend guys! Treasure all the mem’ries together and cherish your friendship ’til the end! Friends can give you the love that no one else can give! It’s unconditional, free and always will be.

I have many friends. And sometimes, I forgot to spend even a little time to them. That’s why they feel that I don’t cherish our friendship. I want to dedicate this blog for my friends out there! I want to say I’m sorry for all the things I have done to you and for all the things that I should have done but I didn’t do. I LOVE YOU ALL! :D


4 thoughts on “One Friend

  1. Yerr .. rima poksx .. :)
    omo .. blogger kna ah..
    I love your post.. Totoo yang mga nisabi mo ..

    I miss you na girl..
    Sana may time na magkasama ulit tayong lahat..

    Love you rima poksx ..
    Mua . Mua . Mua .

    o b s . o4 . 19 :)

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