They Did the Same

They Did the Same


There’s no difference when I loved him.

It’s similar, I also lived in my dreams.

It has no difference, I felt the same.

I thought my heart wouldn’t break again.


When I forgot him, my heart turn into whole.

Then it crushed again when I knew him, because I was a fool.

There’s no difference, I also feel the pain.

I was wrong that when I said that it wont happen again.


Though they differ in many aspects,

I Both loved them, there’s no difference.

They differ in names, characteristics and attitudes,

But because of them, I have been a fool.


They both broke my heart into several pieces.

They both ignored my feelings when I tried to say it.

He don’t differ with the first one I loved.

They both hurt me, in the same way from the start.



Rima :)


2 thoughts on “They Did the Same

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