Memory of The Past

Memory of The Past


It hurts when I remember the memory of my past.

The thorns I used to know before, start piercing on my heart.

The aches are coming back, my tears are falling.

The pain I feel long ago, keeps on returning.


Walking through the shore together was my favorite part.

While you, holding my hands so very, very tight.

We wait for the dusk to come, and watch the sunset.

These are the things I wish that EVER didn’t happen.


You say the words “I Love You” to me every morning.

Then kiss me goodnight, and I would be gently sleeping.

Text me some sweet quotes that you made by yourself.

And sing me some songs for ONLY me, you dedicate.


I don’t want to recall the bygone days,

That you and me promised that we’ll be forever always.

That your love for me, forever will LAST.

I don’t want to remember the memory of the past.



Rima :)


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