Since I’ve watched the movie A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I remember my first love, Andrew. He is a good-looking guy and a HEARTTHROB when we were in high school. Many girls had a crush on him since 1st year. He is so cute that time. He is also a gentleman. ^^ When we were in 5th grade, he accompanied me home because I have a fever that time. My teacher ask my classmates who is willing to accompany me home. And I was surprised to see his hands in mid-air. Then my teacher chooses him as well. That day. I started liking him. He was such a gentleman-guy (man na nga, guy pa^^). He carried my bag andΒ  then we walk along the way together.

I’ve been in-love with him over in 5 YEARS. And I didn’t told him once. We used to be friends, seatmates, but, I never really tell him that I loved him. I don’t have enough courage to do that. Besides, I am the girl. I don’t want to do the FIRST MOVE that they saying. ^^ hehe

here is the poem that I wrote 6years ago.



Maraming nagtatanong kung bakit kita nagustuhan.

“Hindi ko alam”, ang sagot ko naman.

Pero may isang bagay akong nagustuhan sayo.

‘Yun ay ang pagiging malapit mo sa lahat ng tao.


Naaalala ko nung mga bata pa tayo,

Nnag magkasakit ako at inihatid mo.

Hindi ko ubusang maisip na magtataas ka ng kamay,

para ihatid ako sa aming bahay. ^^


Gusto kong isipin na may pagtingin ka rin sa akin.

Nang mga panahong, sinimulan na kitang ibigin.

Dahil bakit ka magtataas ng kamay para ihatid ako?

Marami naman diyan, tulad ng mga kaibigan ko.


Iba ang nararamdaman ko noong mgakasama tayo.

Ni hindi ako makatingin sa mga mata mo.

Kung malalaman mo lang kung gaano ako kasaya,

Nung mga panahong tayo’y magkasama.


Hindi man lang ako nakapagpasalamat.

Kaya nais ko ng sabihin sayo na “maraming salamat!”,

Pagkatapos mo akong ihatid sa aming tahanan.

Hindi na maalis iyon sa aking isipan.


‘Yan siguro ang dahilan kung bakit kta nagustuhan.

Ang ala-alang iyon ay aking pag-iingatan.

Kaya hanggang ngayon, ika’y aking minamahal.

Alam ko na kung bakit… Dahil sa pagiging isang Gentleman..


Rima :)

4 thoughts on “Gentleman.

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