100 Reasons Why…

I din’t know why I love you so much.

Though at times, I am asking myself why.

Why I love a friend like you,

and for forever, I’ll sacrifice everything for you.

I don’t have so many reasons to tell, how special you are to me.

But I am hoping, you’ll appreciate this 100 reasons for real.


I LOVE YOU .. Because

-of your sweet smile every time we talk.

-of your eyes that shines to me.

-of your pinkish lips.

-of your one-line eyebrows. :)

-of your hair that is glossy.

-of your little nose.

-of your tongue that speaks so many words.

-of your eyelash with mascara on it.

-of your beautiful perfect face.

-of your hands that holds mine.

-of your little tiny fingers.

-of your outfit!

-of your attitude and characteristics.

-of your thinking and some childish actions!

I LOVE YOU … because of WHO YOU ARE.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you make me laugh.

-you care for me a lot.

-you sing your favorite songs with me.

-you held my hands while walking.

-you kissed my fears away.

-you gave me a lot of courage.

-you hug me so tight.

-you said things I want to hear.

-you share your secrets with me.

-you TRUST me.

-you don’t care how I look like. I f I’m ugly or not.

-you don’t care how I eat too much.

I LOVE YOU… because you sees me in my bright side even though I’m in darkness.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you encourage me every time I feel despair.

-you always say that “Don’t lose hope. He’ll like you.” When I have a new crush.

-you advises me good things.

-you are not ashame when you’re with me.

-you let me borrow your things even though you haven’t use it YET.

-you always accompany me to the comfort room because I’m afraid if there were ghosts.

-you treat me some foods, and that is what I really, really love! :D

I LOVE YOU … because you are so good to me and I know that forever you’ll be.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you made me believe in myself.

-you accept my mistakes.

-you let me do whatever I want and sometimes, you end up being left behind.(And I’m SORRY)

-It’s OK for you to be the last person on my list.

-Every time I said things you don’t want, you just keep it in yourself and you pretend that you’re OK.

I LOVE YOU … for being so OPEN-MINDED and for always understand my attitude.



-for being always there in times of need.

-for keeping me smile because of your JOKES.

-for not judging me.

-for being so kind and patient.

-for waiting for me when I am late.

-for letting me know that you would always be there for me.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-you LOVE ME.

-you don’t hate me.

-you let me love you. :)

-you show how important I am to you.

-you told me that you will love me for forever and never ever leave me.

-I can count on you and you can count on me too.

-I can express my feelings to you.

-I can laugh out loud when I am with you.

-You don’t care if I wear my ugliest outfits!

I LOVE YOU … because when we’re together, I can do things without hesitations.


I LOVE YOU … Because

-every time we walk by, I see love in your eyes…

I LOVE YOU because you never say GOODBYE to me.

I LOVE YOU because you always say “hi, hello, how are you?” and you are always concern to me.

I LOVE YOU because you always text me some sweet quotes.

I LOVE YOU FRIEND because you are the one who were there whenever I am BROKEN HEARTED.

I LOVE YOU because you made me realize that PAIN is just a word and you said that I am not worthy to feel it.

I LOVE YOU because you said that you will always be my guardian angel even though I’m in Hell. :)

I LOVE YOU because you don’t make me miss you so badly cause you always have time to communicate.

I LOVE YOU because you say that we will never part ways.

I LOVE YOU because you told me that we will grow up together and will reach our dreams!

I LOVE YOU because you inspire me so much that I did things I never knew I could.

I LOVE YOU because you respect my opinion though you know that I am wrong.

I LOVE YOU because you talk nonsense topic just to make me forget my problems.


I LOVE YOU because …

-nobody else can love me the way you love me as friend.

-you are so sweet and I like it!

-you’re like a sister to me that pampers me with love.

I LOVE YOU every time you are mad at me, and scold me sometimes but when I look into your eyes, I can see that you’re only doing that because you love me.

I LOVE YOU Friend because of your nice way of saying I love you to me.

I LOVE YOU because even though I always make you hope for the some thing that I promise but didn’t do, you are still willing to wait even if it’s impossible for me to do so.

I LOVE YOU because you are so loyal to me!

I LOVE YOU FRIEND because sometimes, I forgot to communicate, but it’s OK to you and you are not demanding.

I LOVE YOU for making me realize that NOTHING is BIGGER than GOD.

I LOVE YOU FRIEND for sacrificing the things you are longing to have just because I like it and want it.

I LOVE YOU Friend for forgiving me and accepting my apologies.

I LOVE YOU for giving me second chances.

I LOVE YOU being always a good example to me.

I LOVE YOU Friend for lowering yourself just for me to reach you! <3

I LOVE YOU for accompanying me in every road I take.

I LOVE YOU for doing the silliest thing in the world just to make me laugh!

I LOVE YOU for crying to me when you feel sad because you think that I am the only one who can make you happy again. :)

I LOVE YOU because you CHOOSE to be my friend over anybody else!

I LOVE YOU because you said that LOVE is destined to be shared by YOU and ME.

I LOVE YOU because you hate the people who BACK FIGHT at me and you protect me from harm.

I LOVE YOU in every way …

I LOVE YOU for being YOU …






… because that is ALL I KNOW…






… because that is all I WANT to SAY. <3






GV please! :D

I started doing today the drawings for our school magazine. And guess what, the deadline is on Monday! TOMORROW!! Ugh, well, I think I can do it. Only if I’m in the mood. :D I need some Good Vibes puh-lease!! :)

I’m excited on what would it be look like when it came out printed on the magazine. Yee ~ it was my first time doing that. I am now searching for some topic that I will br going to draw later on. Hope I can finish it! :D

One Friend

I always thought about having no one on my side. That when there’s a trouble, I need to face it on my own. When there’s a happiness I feel, I would smile alone. That whenever I feel blue, I will confront it by myself. That whenever I cry, I will cry on my shoulder instead of crying on the other’s. But it’s hard. I think that having no one by your side is much like a suicidal case that you have ever done in your life! We all need friend that we will rely on in times of despair. A friend that we can count on and lean on every time we are in the doldrums.

There’s a song I heard a while ago about friendship. It’s title is “One Friend” by Dan Seals. I love it’s lyrics. It’s a heart-whelming message for a friend.

“If I had only one friend left… I’d want it to be YOU…”

I just share it to you guys!! I hope you like it! I know some of you might know this song already but I just want you to listen to this AGAIN. :D It’s nice to have a friend guys! Treasure all the mem’ries together and cherish your friendship ’til the end! Friends can give you the love that no one else can give! It’s unconditional, free and always will be.

I have many friends. And sometimes, I forgot to spend even a little time to them. That’s why they feel that I don’t cherish our friendship. I want to dedicate this blog for my friends out there! I want to say I’m sorry for all the things I have done to you and for all the things that I should have done but I didn’t do. I LOVE YOU ALL! :D

Twelfth Night

One of the book of Shakespeare entitled “Twelfth Night” was my favorite. I have a book of that but until now, I haven’t read yet. I was only curious about the title, having a number and a day. I thought that there’s a happening or events on the twelfth night of the month or year that’s why the title is like that.  But I think I misinterpret the title. :D


Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a comedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written around 1601-02 as a Twelfth Night’s entertainment for the close of the Christmas season. The play expanded on the musical interludes and riotous disorder expected of such an occasion,[1] with plot elements drawn from the short story “Of Apollonius and Silla” by Barnabe Rich, based on a story by Matteo Bandello. The first recorded performance was on 2 February 1602, at Candlemas, the formal end of Christmastide in the year’s calendar. The play was not published until its inclusion in the 1623 First Folio.


I searched on the net about the story.

Like many of Shakespeare’s comedies, this one centres on mistaken identity. The leading character, Viola, is shipwrecked on the shores of Illyria during the opening scenes. She loses contact with her twin brother, Sebastian, whom she believes to be dead. Masquerading as a young page under the name Cesario, she enters the service of Duke Orsino through the help of the sea captain who rescues her. Orsino has convinced himself that he is in love with the bereaved Lady Olivia, whose father and brother have recently died, and who will have nothing to do with any suitors, the Duke included. Orsino decides to use “Cesario” as an intermediary to tell Olivia about his love for her. Olivia, believing Viola to be a man, falls in love with this handsome and eloquent messenger. Viola, in turn, has fallen in love with the Duke, who also believes Viola is a man, and who regards her as his confidant.

sources: Google and WIKIPEDIA


I like the mistaken identity part and the revelations in the end.  ^^


S.E.T.H. ^^

This is a blog post for a very special “Friend” of mine. As I said, she’s more like a sister to me and I really, really like the feeling when I’m with her. At first, I thought of her as a peevish person. But I was wrong when I get to know her more. She is a wife of a sea-man and mother of two (2) clever, and handsome kids, president in our class, good speaker, and a friend of mine. Since her birthday is coming, Clarrissa, Saquing and I thought about giving her a special gift. But since we don’t have enough budget, we decided to make a gift by our own. I thought about making a blog for her. I know this is not enough and not that special but, I want to greet her here. :D

The birthday girl is S-ensible, E-loquent, T-rustworthy friend and a H-umble person I know. She is SETH. Yeah. A very close friend of mine. She is my sister!My partaker, my classmate, my comrade, my companion… my FRIEND.

R-are to find
I-ncomparable to others.
E-xtremely helpful in times of need.
who N-never say no.
a D-ay maker and,
S-supportive till the end.


“True friends don’t desert each other when one is facing trouble. They would face it together and support each other, even if it is against the interests of the other person. Best friends don’t analyze each other; they don’t have to do so. They accept each other with their positive and negative qualities. Nothing is hidden between true friends.”

Happy Birthday Ate Seth!! :)

Tulips: Perfect Love

All girls love flowers. They like to receive flowers from boys. I never experienced given a flower by a boy. I do in my dreams :D But not in real life. Tulips is my favorite flower above all! I dunno why but, I love its appearance. They are simple but elegant. I love their colors. Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red, White.. And most of all, I love the Blue one! They are seldom. Blue tulips are not a natural phenomenon.If you look at them, they give cooling effects in your eyes. I’ve never seen a real one. Only at pictures and drawings. I am longing to see a real tulips flower.  






The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness. Variegated tulips, once among the most popular varieties due to their striking color patterns, represent beautiful eyes.Blue tulips are thought to symbolize tranquility and peace because of the blue color. When given to someone else, the flowers convey a message of trust and loyalty. In general, tulips are thought to send a message of perfect love, though red tulips are most strongly associated with the emotion.

They Did the Same

They Did the Same


There’s no difference when I loved him.

It’s similar, I also lived in my dreams.

It has no difference, I felt the same.

I thought my heart wouldn’t break again.


When I forgot him, my heart turn into whole.

Then it crushed again when I knew him, because I was a fool.

There’s no difference, I also feel the pain.

I was wrong that when I said that it wont happen again.


Though they differ in many aspects,

I Both loved them, there’s no difference.

They differ in names, characteristics and attitudes,

But because of them, I have been a fool.


They both broke my heart into several pieces.

They both ignored my feelings when I tried to say it.

He don’t differ with the first one I loved.

They both hurt me, in the same way from the start.



Rima :)

Memory of The Past

Memory of The Past


It hurts when I remember the memory of my past.

The thorns I used to know before, start piercing on my heart.

The aches are coming back, my tears are falling.

The pain I feel long ago, keeps on returning.


Walking through the shore together was my favorite part.

While you, holding my hands so very, very tight.

We wait for the dusk to come, and watch the sunset.

These are the things I wish that EVER didn’t happen.


You say the words “I Love You” to me every morning.

Then kiss me goodnight, and I would be gently sleeping.

Text me some sweet quotes that you made by yourself.

And sing me some songs for ONLY me, you dedicate.


I don’t want to recall the bygone days,

That you and me promised that we’ll be forever always.

That your love for me, forever will LAST.

I don’t want to remember the memory of the past.



Rima :)

My Zodiac

Cancer: June 22—July 22

Cancer rules the Fourth House of the Zodiac, known as the “House of Family and Home.” This house represents the effects of our earliest experiences and of the nurturing we receive as children, and the way this anchors and guides our lives. Anyone lucky enough to be within a Cancerian’s inner circle enjoys a secure sense of comfort and belonging. Cancer is a water sign associated with the moon, a combination that leads to shifting moods and deeply felt emotions. Though they may sometimes appear impervious on the outside, perhaps even irritable, inside they’re all heart, kind and loving to the core.

by Josephine Wall


The Crab
Modality: Cardinal
Element: Water
Ruler: the Moon
Season: Summer
4th Sign of Zodiac
Metal: Silver
Stone: Pearl, Opal
Color: White, Yellow
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach
Keywords: gentle, conservative, feeling, nurturing, defensive, contemplative.

Comparison with the Cancer symbol, the Crab:

Cancer the Crab SymbolA crab is able to walk or run sideways. Similarly, Cancer natives can sometimes “move about” in life, in a figurative sense, in an indirect manner. The crab’s body is covered by a carapace (shell). Cancer natives are self-protective and sensitive, and often retreat into themselves when hurt. Crabs are able to resist changes in the environment, thereby protecting themselves from hostile elements in various habitats. Similarly, Cancer natives are thought to avoid too much change, and to be on the defensive. Crabs have “complex  behavior patterns” (1). The inner world of Cancer natives is thought to be rather quirky and complex. Some crabs “conceal themselves by decorating their bodies with plants and animals” (2). Cancer natives tend to try to blend in with their environments, preferring not to make a big splash in life.

Cancer’s glyph, or symbol, may represent the breasts as a symbol of the nurturing qualities of the sign.

I am a true cancerian! I am a moon-flower (a female cancer). I got all of the characteristic of cancer that’s why sometimes, I believe in horoscopes. I got interested in Zodiac signs when I read Linda Goodman’s book. It was my first time to read some astrology books revealing the secrets between stars, constellations, planets, gems, and words. How I wish I could buy many books like that! but poor me.. I don’t have any money to buy books. It cost too much expensive for a dependent student like me!


A Breakdown of the Book

Linda Goodman Star Signs is divided into nine major sections.

  • Labors of Love and the Money Mystique: Goodman offer insights into which types of jobs are most suitable for Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs, as well as specific career suggestions for each individual sign. The Money Mystique addresses how to attain financial security and freedom. Goodman breaks it down into two simple rules. First, find a career that allows you to do what you love. Second, once your debts are paid, freely give away half of your surplus. The universal flow will reward you with more.
  • An Apple a Day: Here, Goodman delves into holistic healing, extolling the benefits of ancient Chinese medicine and a vegetarian diet. She also points out that Hippocrates (remember the Hippocratic oath) consulted astrology to guide his medical decisions and practices. Numerology, colors and nutrition are also covered.
  • Ghosts, Gurus and Avatars: This section deals with magnetic power points, astral vibratory frequencies and their connection to theparanomal. Goodman also discusses the extreme importance of the balance between Yin and Yang energies and other concepts taught to her by various gurus/teachers during her time living in the Colorado mountains.
  • Deja Vu: If you think you’ve been there before, you probably have. Goodman explores karma and reincarnation, and how the experiences and wisdom gained in past lives echo in the present. Whether you personally believe in reincarnation or not, it is fascinating reading.
  • While the Soul Slumbers: Here Goodman offers a more in depth tutorial on the concepts of numerology and the vibrational frequency of individual numbers. She reveals the energies and meaning of each number and relates how they affect the various sun signs.
  • Forgotten Rainbows: In this section, you’ll find a lesson on auras, those mystical rainbows of color energy that surround every person although they are rarely visible to the average person. Goodman even offers plans to use the energy of colors to achieve weight loss or gain as desired.
  • Forgotten Melodies: Goodman address the connection between universal harmony, sound, the mind and matter. She believes that if people can comprehend and harness this energy connection, they can create matter by visualizing it and describing it aloud, in essence creating something from what appears to be nothing. If this brings to mind images of wizards and magi, it’s no coincidence.
  • Lexigrams and the Word Druids: Perhaps you’re aware of the study of hidden codes diagramed throughout Old Testament, as explored through the Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah. Similarly, Goodman ventures into the exploration of the deeper meanings of words when they are rearranged to create other words. She also cautions that the words we speak put out certain energies into the universe, and that we should be careful of the energies we create.
  • Physical Immortality: In this final section, Goodman expresses her belief that each one of us has the innate ability to achieve full physical immortality if only we can overcome our “falsely programmed” belief in death. That appears to be a very tall order that even Goodman herself wasn’t able to master, but her ideas on the subject are nevertheless thought provoking.


Josephine Wall Paintings

Since I am a frustrated Artist, I admire those people who is well-known or famous when it comes to arts. One of them is Josephine Wall.

Here are some of her paintings I got from the net. ^^



Well-known English painter Josephine Wall. Josephine Wall art works. English artist Josephine Wall has been passionate about art since she was four years old. Now a respected artist, Josephine paints with a lively imagination and romanticism that escort her audience into a world of magical.

I love her concept. It’s so magical, fantasy, but full of reality when looking the paintings. haay.. I wish I could be like her. ^^