I was really happy that ate Seth and I were back to normal again. (I mean, we’re doing the “usual thing” that we’re doing before. e.g normal conversations). However, she told me that she is really mad at me. (Until now I guess) But it’s OK. What important is, we’re back to normal again and we’re FRIENDS again. And I don’t have to bother anymore.

I was standing alone at the door while watching my co-students enjoying at the other room.It was my first EVER foundation day being in that school. The room that time was the WEDDING BOOTH.

While watching the few people wearing smile on their faces, I was been hugged by a person from my back. I thought it was Angie, but when I looked behind, I didn’t expect whit who I saw. It was ate Seth. Crying ans saying that she can’t handle it anymore having with “no pansinan factor” with me. I was so happy that I wanna cry also but being in a public place made me feel ashamed. And that how it goes. Everything’s back to normal again as I wanted to. Hope it WON’T happen again EVER! ^^


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