Frustrated ME


I really don’t understand why I didn’t choose the course Fine Arts. I love paintings, yeah.. I love to draw, sketch, and everything related to arts! But I don’t know why Computer System Design and Programming is now I am studying about. *sigh*

I feel frustrated whenever I am seeing some drawings, sketches, and other artworks of other people aged like me. I feel frustrated whenever I am hearing the word, “ARTS”. *sigh again* I just don’t know! I envy people studying at Universities and taking the course of Fine Arts, Designing, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theater, and many more that has to do with ARTS!

I wish I could be one of them. People with sketch pads on their stuffs, pencils, erasers, clay and etc. I want to have a complete set of Paints! With the complete kinds of brushes, with the complete sizes of canvas papers, and a complete set of numbers of pencils! *sigh* It IS impossible. Unless I have money. MORE money to buy those stuffs that I am longing for.

>.< Frustrated ME. :(


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