Frustrated ME


I really don’t understand why I didn’t choose the course Fine Arts. I love paintings, yeah.. I love to draw, sketch, and everything related to arts! But I don’t know why Computer System Design and Programming is now I am studying about. *sigh*

I feel frustrated whenever I am seeing some drawings, sketches, and other artworks of other people aged like me. I feel frustrated whenever I am hearing the word, “ARTS”. *sigh again* I just don’t know! I envy people studying at Universities and taking the course of Fine Arts, Designing, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theater, and many more that has to do with ARTS!

I wish I could be one of them. People with sketch pads on their stuffs, pencils, erasers, clay and etc. I want to have a complete set of Paints! With the complete kinds of brushes, with the complete sizes of canvas papers, and a complete set of numbers of pencils! *sigh* It IS impossible. Unless I have money. MORE money to buy those stuffs that I am longing for.

>.< Frustrated ME. :(



Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation” or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure.

Actually yesterday is my very NOT NORMAL day for me. I should say that, I experienced something different to other phenomena of my life. I was so “PRANING” that day! Many people said that I shouldn’t believe to those story about ghost and other spiritual entities. But I couldn’t help myself NOT to worry. And, I love to experience something … uh, NEVERMIND. ^^

08:23:53 pm, was the time that I should not see myself to the mirror. My friend sent me text messages saying that I should avoid looking at the mirror at that time. Of course! I panic myself to death! Why is he saying that? Am I gonna die or something when I see myself at that time to the mirror? (Actually he said that to me, but no need to worry. He said he can handle it)

When 8:00 pm came, I started trembling. My hands felt icy-cold, my face paled, and my knees were shaking. ugh! I didn’t want that feeling. I’m with my bhez Chelsea that time. We were at Plaza watching the performance of some contestants of the singing contest. I asked her if she could be with me until 8:30 pm. Then my friend suddenly text me that they’re at my residence. They helped me to resolved that problem. I was so glad they DID! whew .. Though he saw something at our house, it doesn’t matter! We got used to it. ^^ (the child at the gate, and the lady upstairs). My grandma when she still alive, saw the child at the gate while my ate saw the lady upstairs looking at the window. I also heard the voice of the child in my right ear. HE is laughing. ^^ He’s laughter was kinda cute but scared me still.

Now, I don’t want to look at the mirrors ANYMORE! When the clock stikes at 6:00 pm, All eyes of mine are now keep out of sight of the mirrors. But then again I realized that PRAYER to our All Mighty GOD is the most powerful thing that we can do to disappear our fear. And I will do it now EVERY TIME… ^^


speaking of mirrors, I wanna watch MIRRORS the movie 1 and 2. hehe


I was really happy that ate Seth and I were back to normal again. (I mean, we’re doing the “usual thing” that we’re doing before. e.g normal conversations). However, she told me that she is really mad at me. (Until now I guess) But it’s OK. What important is, we’re back to normal again and we’re FRIENDS again. And I don’t have to bother anymore.

I was standing alone at the door while watching my co-students enjoying at the other room.It was my first EVER foundation day being in that school. The room that time was the WEDDING BOOTH.

While watching the few people wearing smile on their faces, I was been hugged by a person from my back. I thought it was Angie, but when I looked behind, I didn’t expect whit who I saw. It was ate Seth. Crying ans saying that she can’t handle it anymore having with “no pansinan factor” with me. I was so happy that I wanna cry also but being in a public place made me feel ashamed. And that how it goes. Everything’s back to normal again as I wanted to. Hope it WON’T happen again EVER! ^^