I am Sorry T.T

Today was my NOT nice day for me. I am sad although I passed the test in our AOOP subject. *sigh*

I don’t know if ate Seth is angry at me. I couldn’t take it any longer if she wouldn’t talk or just simply wouldn’t smile at me until tomorrow! haaay… She is more like a big “sister” to me. She’s always there whenever I needed help. Financial, social, moral and any kind of help. Have I done something wrong?

I can’t tell her the word Sorry. I just don’t know how to say it. I’m afraid that she might reject it and never mind me as well. I tried to talk to her a while ago but it didn’t work. So I didn’t try it again however I always wanted to talk to her. I just cried and cried until my mood swing were back to normal. “It hurts to see someone special to you that they ignore you as if they didn’t mind you at all… And you just have no choice but to pretend that you are OK while deep inside, you are NOT.”

I know this is not a nice way to say but, I am SORRY ate Seth … Whatever I’ve done, please forgive me. I cannot take that you’re mad at me and I cannot even get a chance to talk to you even for a single minute. huhu… T.T

hoping for tomorrow’s forgiveness. *sigh*

4 thoughts on “I am Sorry T.T

  1. No don’t bother it’s ok, no need to say sorry.. ksalnan ko dn kc akala ko n it’s ok to seek help from others lalo n if you realy want to know how to do things right.. mxado lng cguro kong confident n my mg guguide skin khit pno.. At least i’ve learned my lesson, n at some point in time hindi k dpt mg rely ng khit ano sa khit n knino regardless of the relationship.. whatever it is, just keep it to ourselves. To learn is all I wanted..Tama k it realy hurts being rejected..@ d same time things has been said & done, no one to blame.Sorry din.

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