A Very Nonsense Topic for Me

Today, we had a quiz on Ethics subject. Almost everybody didn’t get a NICE score. (actually, biglaan kasi yun…) that’s why we were not prepared and got almost half of the half of the total items. meaning one-fourth of it. ^^

After our quiz, our instructor opened a topic about “second chances”. He told us that there was once a student that took the 10 pesos that he confiscated from the another student which was the classmate of the one who took the 10 pesos. ^^ (too confusing ^^) And there just did the topic goes.

He asked me if I believe in second chances. Of course I said “yes” then I tried to elaborate my answer but before that, he interrupted me and say… “ah, you said that because you believe that NOBODY IS PERFECT??”. Then we moved to “Perfections” which I really, really didn’t like on what he have said about his views. That’s why I thought that, that was a VERY, VERY none-sense topic for me. (there were still stories behind that “perfections” we argued about that’s why I said that it was a none-sense topic for me at all!)