Pictures of Places


Whenever I am hearing that word, I only want to hold and have my own camera. I love pictures, yeah. I wish I could urgently buy a camera if I wanted to but I can’t because I don’t have money of my own. ^^ But I guess I could wait a little longer for myself to have work and earn money for buying cameras that I’m longing to.

Actually, I am a FRUSTRATED Photographer. I sometimes regret to my course and school I am attending. I always say to myself… “I shouldn’t be there and studying some programming language… I should  be studying Fine Arts and taking Photography subject at Philippine Women’s University.” Oh well… I can do nothing about it. I must finish my two-year programming course first before I take Fine Arts. I shall be needing big money to support my studies. I don’t want to lean on my mother. I am a little bit shy when it comes to that matter.

Speaking of pictures, here are some picture I took while we were on our way to Imus and vice-versa. ^^

Pasig Church

I love pictures of Places :) It’s much easier for me to captured it.


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