Another Monday For Me.

Every one is longing to give their love and share it to some one especially this coming February 14, Monday. It is the celebration for Saint Valentine and it is the “much awaited date” of many LOVERS out there.

Lucky is the people who has a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. But how about people having NO ONE to celebrate on that day? Are they going to sit all along and stay at home while hoping for someone  who gonna call them and ask them out on a date? Or are they going to be contented and wait ’til the day end and ignore as if it was a normal day lie the others?

Hmm… I prefer the second one. Why should I wait for someone which I know who wouldn’t call me or come to me personally to ask me out? Duhh… I still have Family and Friends. (am I showing too much bitterness?? ^^) haha. Besides, celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t ONLY about having someone on your side ’til the day end. Yeah, it has a point, but for me, it’s no need for the people to find some love in a person just to say you are celebrating Valentine’s. You can look for love EVERYWHERE … But many of us don’t know how to find it and WHERE we could find it. Try to look at your surroundings… There are still many people also celebrating alone. More has a miserable life. Try to look UP… And you will find LOVE. :) Just try.

February 14 will be just another Monday for me. But wait, It’s our DudEsarii … It must be special. ^^


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