I had a happy day today. Of course together with my friends. :) Saquing, Clarissa, Ate Seth Clint and I went to Mercury Drugstore after school to buy some mouse-trap for ate Seth.

We went crazy in speaking English with British accent! though it was fun talking to them like that, urghh.. my nose bleed that time xD. But I enjoyed it. There were laughter in every words I said. I thought, if we practiced it most of the time, we will be fluent in English. haha… Even when we were on the jeepney! haha.. I was so ashamed I’m doing that kind of accent xD Gee! Almost everybody was looking at us! ahaha… It was very very NICE and HAPPY experience for us, specially for me.

*sigh* another day for tomorrow.. Hope it will be good like the others.


2 thoughts on “Mouse-Trap

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