A Dude of Mine

Hey yeah! Good day. It’s been so long since I read something nice. I want to share you something. I have a friend, we call each other “dudE”. That’s our friendship group.

At first, we were only three (3). Jovy’dudE, who started calling us dudEz and the founder; Lei’dudE, the most intelligent among us three; and I, (uhh… I don’t want to say something) :) … And then we became four (4), Leti’dudE joined the group and according to her and based on her looks, she is the prettiest.

I have a friend, we call each other “dudE”. Actually, she is the closest friend of mine… More like a close friend but definitely NOT my BEST FRIEND. She is my DUDE. get it?? :) And her name is Lei.

Whenever you look at her and stare at her for a minute, you will tell to yourself, “hey, she’s pretty! ^^”. Yeah! That’s not a joke or something. I am telling the truth. ^^

Sometimes I think that we are destined to be FRIENDS and DUDEz… We have lots of similarities! First of all, we are both Cancer Sign! That’s what I like most… ^^ Second, we love POETRY and STORY writing. We used to borrow stories to each other and then compliment each other after reading. (Pampalubag loob^^) haha. Third, we love SINGING! :P yeah.. We really like going at SM and then sing there for about an hour. She have a very-nice-warm voice. We also love going at WAWA — our favorite place. If we have a time, we go there and watch the sunset while exchanging our experiences and stories about life.

She is a good friend. A dudE of mine… she has many talents! And one of my favorite talent of her is POETRY. I am amazed at her every time I read her poem compositions. I envy her sometimes ^^ but I am stun at her.

There is one poem she made that I really like. Wanna read?.. Here it is…


*Saddest Happy Ending*


We’ve been together for quite some time

And through those times I know you’re mine.

Wasted were those hours we’d kept spending

And now, It’s my Saddest Happy Ending …


We started as friends in a four cornered room,

I never felt that place as my doom.

As long as you’re sitting beside me,

Things were just fine as it always should be.


Walking with me on the very same path.

Ignoring those thorns and steps burning hot.

You held my hand and trusted me through doubts.

But it’s the end, we’d lost each other in crowds.


You are so close yet so far to me.

I’m feeling so sad but still I’m happy,

Knowing that you’re still a friend of mine.

I’ll be glad that we’re together till the end of time.


by: monica

I forgot to tell, her codename before was Monica. But now I think it’s Lei :)

Wanna know the meaning of “DUDE”?

D – igging

U – p

D – readful

E – xperiences …

also by: Lei :)


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