5:52pm :D

Yipee.. :p I feel so happy yesterday, not only because I sang at WOF together with my friends (It’s normal) but also because he called at me through phone at exactly 5:52pm. yey. :P (why am I so happy about it?) hmm… I really, really miss him that much! That’s why, I thought… (I wish I could tell it to him but I don’t have enough courage to do that.. :( ). I am afraid that he might laugh at me when I say that and also afraid to be rejected by him. *sigh*

I was so nervous at first but I didn’t know why my mouth kept on saying so many words to him. The time suddenly stopped at that very moment for me. I miss being with HIM… I miss all about him. I miss his voice, his way of how he calls my name, his smile, and everything. I miss HIM… *sigh* wish it didn’t end. But I’m still happy though it only last for a minute or two.I was so glad that he still keeping in touch in that way even though it happened only now since our last communication end for about months ago.


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