First Day of Inter-branch


Today, we had our inter-branch held at San Juan Gym near at Taytay curch. The delegates from ACLC Antipolo, Cainta, and of course Taytay compete for the cheering squad and basketball for this day.

The English Club are obliged to come there early 6 in the morning to decorate and to put in order some stuffs for the inter-branch. Being a host to that occasion, our school instructors and other faculty staffs were very busy in preparing the event.

We went there at least 5:45 am and wait until the gym got open for about 45 minutes more. The place is beautiful. Even the church near it is even more fine-looking. I love the place… especially the church and the dried trees surrounding it.

We had a good time watching the cheer dancers move their body and dance to the floor. I really, really love their costumes and make up that cover their faces. All of the competitors did their BEST in order to have the first place. There were some intermission numbers from all the faculty members of the said schools dancing to the beat of “Waka-waka”. It was so fun watching them enjoying the dance floor while all the students are yelling for their bet. :) Of course, being an ACLC student of Taytay branch, I shout very loud almost losing my throat just to show my support.

I love this day though we didn’t get the first place. For seven years of being champion in cheering squad, this is the very first moment that we got the 2nd place. Though we were all sad of what the result was, we are all faced-up when we were on our way out to the gym ‘coz we know, WE ARE A WINNER (lagi naman eh xD). Hope for more enjoyable moments for the next days.

here are some photos I got for this day :)

San Juan Gym Taytay, Rizal

Taytay Church…




2 thoughts on “First Day of Inter-branch

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