A Crazy Little Thing Called Love ^^

Haha. I am now a Thai Actress! :) LOL. Sir Marcus Celis, Kuya Advert and kuya Allen told me that I have a look alike from the Thai actress named Baifern Pimchanok.

She was the lead actress of the movie entitled “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love)” . She is a pretty lady eh? ^^ That’s why I was shocked when  they told me that we have a similarities in looks. LOL. Am I that beautiful? (they said to me that if I am not that “FAT”, I will look like her) ^^ OK. I’ll try to be slim. BUt no matter how hard I try, I just CAN’T. ^^

The lead actor also looks GOOD! ^^

The ordinary 14 years old girl name Nam. she’s unattractive or simple call… the ugly! But she had secretly in love with older guy in grade 10 name Chon, a most popular student in high-school. He’s hot, perfect and generous. That’s make girls in school going crazy about him, including Nam too. But she doesn’t give up easily. She tried do everything to made her pretty good and outstanding in school. Because she hopes him turned around at her just once more time.

As for now, I am liking the movie ^^ :)


Frustrated ME


I really don’t understand why I didn’t choose the course Fine Arts. I love paintings, yeah.. I love to draw, sketch, and everything related to arts! But I don’t know why Computer System Design and Programming is now I am studying about. *sigh*

I feel frustrated whenever I am seeing some drawings, sketches, and other artworks of other people aged like me. I feel frustrated whenever I am hearing the word, “ARTS”. *sigh again* I just don’t know! I envy people studying at Universities and taking the course of Fine Arts, Designing, Architecture, Photography, Music, Theater, and many more that has to do with ARTS!

I wish I could be one of them. People with sketch pads on their stuffs, pencils, erasers, clay and etc. I want to have a complete set of Paints! With the complete kinds of brushes, with the complete sizes of canvas papers, and a complete set of numbers of pencils! *sigh* It IS impossible. Unless I have money. MORE money to buy those stuffs that I am longing for.

>.< Frustrated ME. :(


Paranormal is a general term that designates experiences that lie outside “the range of normal experience or scientific explanation” or that indicates phenomena that are understood to be outside of science’s current ability to explain or measure.

Actually yesterday is my very NOT NORMAL day for me. I should say that, I experienced something different to other phenomena of my life. I was so “PRANING” that day! Many people said that I shouldn’t believe to those story about ghost and other spiritual entities. But I couldn’t help myself NOT to worry. And, I love to experience something … uh, NEVERMIND. ^^

08:23:53 pm, was the time that I should not see myself to the mirror. My friend sent me text messages saying that I should avoid looking at the mirror at that time. Of course! I panic myself to death! Why is he saying that? Am I gonna die or something when I see myself at that time to the mirror? (Actually he said that to me, but no need to worry. He said he can handle it)

When 8:00 pm came, I started trembling. My hands felt icy-cold, my face paled, and my knees were shaking. ugh! I didn’t want that feeling. I’m with my bhez Chelsea that time. We were at Plaza watching the performance of some contestants of the singing contest. I asked her if she could be with me until 8:30 pm. Then my friend suddenly text me that they’re at my residence. They helped me to resolved that problem. I was so glad they DID! whew .. Though he saw something at our house, it doesn’t matter! We got used to it. ^^ (the child at the gate, and the lady upstairs). My grandma when she still alive, saw the child at the gate while my ate saw the lady upstairs looking at the window. I also heard the voice of the child in my right ear. HE is laughing. ^^ He’s laughter was kinda cute but scared me still.

Now, I don’t want to look at the mirrors ANYMORE! When the clock stikes at 6:00 pm, All eyes of mine are now keep out of sight of the mirrors. But then again I realized that PRAYER to our All Mighty GOD is the most powerful thing that we can do to disappear our fear. And I will do it now EVERY TIME… ^^


speaking of mirrors, I wanna watch MIRRORS the movie 1 and 2. hehe


I was really happy that ate Seth and I were back to normal again. (I mean, we’re doing the “usual thing” that we’re doing before. e.g normal conversations). However, she told me that she is really mad at me. (Until now I guess) But it’s OK. What important is, we’re back to normal again and we’re FRIENDS again. And I don’t have to bother anymore.

I was standing alone at the door while watching my co-students enjoying at the other room.It was my first EVER foundation day being in that school. The room that time was the WEDDING BOOTH.

While watching the few people wearing smile on their faces, I was been hugged by a person from my back. I thought it was Angie, but when I looked behind, I didn’t expect whit who I saw. It was ate Seth. Crying ans saying that she can’t handle it anymore having with “no pansinan factor” with me. I was so happy that I wanna cry also but being in a public place made me feel ashamed. And that how it goes. Everything’s back to normal again as I wanted to. Hope it WON’T happen again EVER! ^^

Happy Day.

I had a happy day today! We went to ate Seth’s house and made the program we needed for our mock defense on Friday. At first, we are losing hope but in the end, we are all so happy that we have install the application we needed to make the program. ^^

Now, I have less worries that we could not make it. We have started making the program. ^^ I was so happy :)

Pictures of Places


Whenever I am hearing that word, I only want to hold and have my own camera. I love pictures, yeah. I wish I could urgently buy a camera if I wanted to but I can’t because I don’t have money of my own. ^^ But I guess I could wait a little longer for myself to have work and earn money for buying cameras that I’m longing to.

Actually, I am a FRUSTRATED Photographer. I sometimes regret to my course and school I am attending. I always say to myself… “I shouldn’t be there and studying some programming language… I should  be studying Fine Arts and taking Photography subject at Philippine Women’s University.” Oh well… I can do nothing about it. I must finish my two-year programming course first before I take Fine Arts. I shall be needing big money to support my studies. I don’t want to lean on my mother. I am a little bit shy when it comes to that matter.

Speaking of pictures, here are some picture I took while we were on our way to Imus and vice-versa. ^^

Pasig Church

I love pictures of Places :) It’s much easier for me to captured it.

Another Monday For Me.

Every one is longing to give their love and share it to some one especially this coming February 14, Monday. It is the celebration for Saint Valentine and it is the “much awaited date” of many LOVERS out there.

Lucky is the people who has a special someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with. But how about people having NO ONE to celebrate on that day? Are they going to sit all along and stay at home while hoping for someone  who gonna call them and ask them out on a date? Or are they going to be contented and wait ’til the day end and ignore as if it was a normal day lie the others?

Hmm… I prefer the second one. Why should I wait for someone which I know who wouldn’t call me or come to me personally to ask me out? Duhh… I still have Family and Friends. (am I showing too much bitterness?? ^^) haha. Besides, celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t ONLY about having someone on your side ’til the day end. Yeah, it has a point, but for me, it’s no need for the people to find some love in a person just to say you are celebrating Valentine’s. You can look for love EVERYWHERE … But many of us don’t know how to find it and WHERE we could find it. Try to look at your surroundings… There are still many people also celebrating alone. More has a miserable life. Try to look UP… And you will find LOVE. :) Just try.

February 14 will be just another Monday for me. But wait, It’s our DudEsarii … It must be special. ^^

Happy Birthday Bhessy!! :D

This is a SUPER LATE blog post for greeting my special BHESSY Dianne Gabrielle Maglalang Aquino who celebrated her birthday YESTERDAY.

She’s my friend and bhessy since first year high school and I must say that she is a very good friend of mine. Symphatetic, sweet and a religious person with a child-minded personality but a REAL lady when it comes to LOVE… :)

She love pictures, cameras, DOGS :) sketching, cooking … And of course, she LOVE FOODSSSS!! :)))

I LOVE YOU BHESSY!! :D happy birthday again! :)) sorry for the late greetings .. ^^


I had a happy day today. Of course together with my friends. :) Saquing, Clarissa, Ate Seth Clint and I went to Mercury Drugstore after school to buy some mouse-trap for ate Seth.

We went crazy in speaking English with British accent! though it was fun talking to them like that, urghh.. my nose bleed that time xD. But I enjoyed it. There were laughter in every words I said. I thought, if we practiced it most of the time, we will be fluent in English. haha… Even when we were on the jeepney! haha.. I was so ashamed I’m doing that kind of accent xD Gee! Almost everybody was looking at us! ahaha… It was very very NICE and HAPPY experience for us, specially for me.

*sigh* another day for tomorrow.. Hope it will be good like the others.

A Dude of Mine

Hey yeah! Good day. It’s been so long since I read something nice. I want to share you something. I have a friend, we call each other “dudE”. That’s our friendship group.

At first, we were only three (3). Jovy’dudE, who started calling us dudEz and the founder; Lei’dudE, the most intelligent among us three; and I, (uhh… I don’t want to say something) :) … And then we became four (4), Leti’dudE joined the group and according to her and based on her looks, she is the prettiest.

I have a friend, we call each other “dudE”. Actually, she is the closest friend of mine… More like a close friend but definitely NOT my BEST FRIEND. She is my DUDE. get it?? :) And her name is Lei.

Whenever you look at her and stare at her for a minute, you will tell to yourself, “hey, she’s pretty! ^^”. Yeah! That’s not a joke or something. I am telling the truth. ^^

Sometimes I think that we are destined to be FRIENDS and DUDEz… We have lots of similarities! First of all, we are both Cancer Sign! That’s what I like most… ^^ Second, we love POETRY and STORY writing. We used to borrow stories to each other and then compliment each other after reading. (Pampalubag loob^^) haha. Third, we love SINGING! :P yeah.. We really like going at SM and then sing there for about an hour. She have a very-nice-warm voice. We also love going at WAWA — our favorite place. If we have a time, we go there and watch the sunset while exchanging our experiences and stories about life.

She is a good friend. A dudE of mine… she has many talents! And one of my favorite talent of her is POETRY. I am amazed at her every time I read her poem compositions. I envy her sometimes ^^ but I am stun at her.

There is one poem she made that I really like. Wanna read?.. Here it is…


*Saddest Happy Ending*


We’ve been together for quite some time

And through those times I know you’re mine.

Wasted were those hours we’d kept spending

And now, It’s my Saddest Happy Ending …


We started as friends in a four cornered room,

I never felt that place as my doom.

As long as you’re sitting beside me,

Things were just fine as it always should be.


Walking with me on the very same path.

Ignoring those thorns and steps burning hot.

You held my hand and trusted me through doubts.

But it’s the end, we’d lost each other in crowds.


You are so close yet so far to me.

I’m feeling so sad but still I’m happy,

Knowing that you’re still a friend of mine.

I’ll be glad that we’re together till the end of time.


by: monica

I forgot to tell, her codename before was Monica. But now I think it’s Lei :)

Wanna know the meaning of “DUDE”?

D – igging

U – p

D – readful

E – xperiences …

also by: Lei :)