Whole Broken Heart </3

It was three (3) months to be exact since I wrote my last story.  My last story that I wrote is “Kiss the Rain” which i got the title from the composition of YIRUMA – a Japanese Pianist – having the same title from my story. And now, I started making the part two of WHOLE BROKEN HEART. (This is the replacement for my missing story entitled “The Hidden Love”) *sigh* I really, really miss that story. I wonder where it went. Almost one month of sleepless nights and aching hands and then it will be gone in a sudden? Ow come on! I won’t agree! But even though I’ve made another one, it’s a BIG difference from the first one. (I hope I could find that lost thing of mine).

Anyway, about my Whole Broken Heart (part 2), I am very, very excited on what my reader’s reaction would be! I am also excited in putting it on a clear, neat notebook and can’t wait to start drawing what my characters will look like.

There will be NEW characters to be introduced in the Part 2 of Whole Broken Heart. New twists, conflicts and new much awaited moments.

As of now, I am writing it in a scratch then try to buy a new notebook for the “editing” part and the final drawing. It would be another “master piece” of mine! I hope my readers would like it when I’m done in making the Part 2.

I was thinking about how can I publish it to the public? Am I going to be a writer or director someday in the future? Can’t wait to know the answers. :)


4 thoughts on “Whole Broken Heart </3

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