My First BF! :D

Gee!.. It’s been so many years since I met my first BF!.. :D

Since grade school, I was so “tahimik”.. more like PNB (Patay Na Bata) to others. I hate socializing with them! yeah that’s true. I don’t know why. I see people in their scariest. I thought that all of them are so “masunget” that’s why i sat at the corner of the room when I am at school. And at home, I didn’t actually went out to the streets and play something there, rather, I like much being inside the house and watch other child’s playing along with others (that’s when I was in grade school).

But one person changed me a lot. Her name was Suzette. She was my first BF (Best Friend). Even though we’re always called “rivals” when it comes to studies, I still like her for being there for me ALL THE TIME! :D

We’re BFF’s since Grade 4 (I guess..:). I used to fetch her at their house and then together, we walked to school. Their house were just one street far from ours that’s why I always go there that time. But then, the time came that she needed to go and move places with her family. We were in Grade 6 that time. I really, really don’t want her to go, but what can I do?.. hmm..

I remember the time that she and I had a promise that we will be in the same High School when we graduate in Grade 6, but sad to say, she moved to Antipolo (I think :) and decided to continue there her studies.

Now that many years had passed since our last meeting, I want to see her again and have a good time sharing so many experiences that we gather from being apart for a long period of time. :D I really, really REALLY MISS my first BF! :D wish we could be together again SOON! :D


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