Dried Flowers

I really, really LOVE dried FLOWERS :D It symbolizes for me an UNDYING love. Though it was dried already, still, it remained whole… and it’s being kept on someone who is cherishing it most.


Whole Broken Heart </3

It was three (3) months to be exact since I wrote my last story.  My last story that I wrote is “Kiss the Rain” which i got the title from the composition of YIRUMA – a Japanese Pianist – having the same title from my story. And now, I started making the part two of WHOLE BROKEN HEART. (This is the replacement for my missing story entitled “The Hidden Love”) *sigh* I really, really miss that story. I wonder where it went. Almost one month of sleepless nights and aching hands and then it will be gone in a sudden? Ow come on! I won’t agree! But even though I’ve made another one, it’s a BIG difference from the first one. (I hope I could find that lost thing of mine).

Anyway, about my Whole Broken Heart (part 2), I am very, very excited on what my reader’s reaction would be! I am also excited in putting it on a clear, neat notebook and can’t wait to start drawing what my characters will look like.

There will be NEW characters to be introduced in the Part 2 of Whole Broken Heart. New twists, conflicts and new much awaited moments.

As of now, I am writing it in a scratch then try to buy a new notebook for the “editing” part and the final drawing. It would be another “master piece” of mine! I hope my readers would like it when I’m done in making the Part 2.

I was thinking about how can I publish it to the public? Am I going to be a writer or director someday in the future? Can’t wait to know the answers. :)


Yesterday, I visited my compilation of poems and there was one title that captured my eyes, entitled “Faded Love”. That poem is my first composition that was written in English language. Yup, it was my FIRST composition that was written in English.

Basically, I write poems and stories in “Filipino” (mas madali kasi para sakin). Besides, I am a Filipina! Why should I use other languages? We have our own! :D well, writing some poems and stories make me feel happy. Through writing those things, I can express my attitude of mind.

Ahm, about my poem entitled “Faded Love”, here are some lines that I really, really like! It’s my favourite above all!

Like the dust on the floor, the wind carrying,

Like the bubble in my bath that keeps on popping.

They’re just fading, with the blink of an eye,

Just like my FADED LOVE … And I don’t know why.

My First BF! :D

Gee!.. It’s been so many years since I met my first BF!.. :D

Since grade school, I was so “tahimik”.. more like PNB (Patay Na Bata) to others. I hate socializing with them! yeah that’s true. I don’t know why. I see people in their scariest. I thought that all of them are so “masunget” that’s why i sat at the corner of the room when I am at school. And at home, I didn’t actually went out to the streets and play something there, rather, I like much being inside the house and watch other child’s playing along with others (that’s when I was in grade school).

But one person changed me a lot. Her name was Suzette. She was my first BF (Best Friend). Even though we’re always called “rivals” when it comes to studies, I still like her for being there for me ALL THE TIME! :D

We’re BFF’s since Grade 4 (I guess..:). I used to fetch her at their house and then together, we walked to school. Their house were just one street far from ours that’s why I always go there that time. But then, the time came that she needed to go and move places with her family. We were in Grade 6 that time. I really, really don’t want her to go, but what can I do?.. hmm..

I remember the time that she and I had a promise that we will be in the same High School when we graduate in Grade 6, but sad to say, she moved to Antipolo (I think :) and decided to continue there her studies.

Now that many years had passed since our last meeting, I want to see her again and have a good time sharing so many experiences that we gather from being apart for a long period of time. :D I really, really REALLY MISS my first BF! :D wish we could be together again SOON! :D

23 Syndrome

The number 23 in the calendar seems to be so indifferent to everybody. But every time that that day comes, there’s something so UNUSUAL that is happening to me. And I called it my “23 Syndrome”.

I don’t know but whenever that date comes, my mood-swing become not casual. Maybe because there is one story behind that particular date.

December 23, 2009, on the spur of the moment, I decided to call him “IMBA”, a term which is used by some people playing DOTA — a famous computer game nowadays. That day which we called our “IMBASARII” day is my much awaited date must be, but right after 4 months of being friends, 2 months of courtship and 2 months of being in a commitment, my feelings for him suddenly changed.

It was my fault, I guess. I am not contented with what kind of relationship we have that time. Though I know deep in my heart that HE is the one and I am the only one for Him. It feels so good having someone whom you call SPECIAL (the one that is IN your heart) But then I guess this is my FATE — that we’re not meant for each other as of now (I think so).

June 2010, my “23 Syndrome” started. And every time the 23rd day of the month comes, I just don’t know how to feel. I feel a little regret sometimes. It is almost 7 months that I’m suffering from my “23 Syndrome”. But it’s Okay, I get used to it as time passes by.

Dried roses symbolizes my love for him… :/